On this page you can view the 8 most popular programmes which are currently showing on the R T E Player. Jaws users can click on the link to the programme you want to watch and when the page loads first press the Control key to mute your screen reader, then press the letter B until you hear play pause button. Press the enter key and the programme will start to play. Jaws users can also press Insert and F5 and from the list generated press the letter P for play pause and press Enter. If the programme is intended for a mature audience the programme will not play until you confirm you wish to watch it. To do this press the letter B again and you will be on the Yes button, now press enter and the programme will start to play. Please be aware there is a short advertisement before each programme.


Prime Time Investigates.

The Frontline.


Home and Away.

The Walking Dead.

The Late Late Show.

Nine News.

The Saturday Night Show.


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